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Jayanti Rao

Jayanti Rao was from her earliest years an intellectual dynamo and a musical prodigy. She carried happiness and a sensitive touch everywhere she went. An extraordinarily gifted college student, Jayanti took all the firsts throughout her B.A. and well into her M.A., too, when a brutal automobile accident severely injured her spine and ended her academic career. She spent years recovering. The intense pain never erased her radiant smile, and through the decades she grew into a paragon of equality in the face of unabating discomfort. She is still joyful, ebullient. To meet her is to be greeted by the consummation of Indian culture. More, the spiritual attitude which had been the conscious support at the back of her early life has come fully into the forefront. As with her sister, Jayanti was drawn to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram decades ago to practice sadhana. Jayanti Rao

Anyone who has heard her sing with her sister Vasanti knows what a stellar duo they make. Dedicated, Jayanti has continued to develop the range, technical skill, and power of her glorious voice as a means of yogic development. Her clear soprano can be heard on two delightful CDs, “Sri Aurobindo: The Supramental Avatar” and “The Divine Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.” Both feature Jayanti’s tunings of Pujalal's Sanskrit hymns, recorded by her sweet-souled and brilliant husband, Premanand Rao, and directed by her sublime sister, Vasanti. When finally these CDs made her talent manifest, Nirodbaran turned to ask his attending friend, “I didn't know we had anyone here like this. Why has she been hiding this beautiful voice all these years?” Jayanti’s singing is now drawing commendation from an appreciative and global audience.

Almost two dozen songs from her CDs are accessible on the links below.

Songs to Sri Aurobindo:

Introduction to Songs to Sri Aurobindo (971KB)

English Rendering of Namaste (754KB)

Namaste (27.2MB)

English Rendering of Mama Sharanam (831KB)

Mama Sharanam (6.5MB)

English Rendering of Padapadmayo (505KB)

Padapadmayo (5.5MB)

English Rendering of Hrudaye Hrudaye (467KB)

Hrudaye Hrudaye (3.2MB)

English Rendering of Jaya Jaya Jaya (1.1MB)

Jaya Jaya Jaya (3.2MB)

Songs to The Mother:

Introduction to Songs to The Mother (1.2MB)

English Rendering of Matah (569KB)

Matah (6.6MB)

English Rendering of Hridimama (546KB)

Hridimama (3.2MB)

Om Anandamayi (985KB)

English Rendering of Stotrageetam (487KB)

Stotrageetam (2.8MB)

English Rendering of Sada Namami Mataram (1.1MB)

Sada Namami Mataram (5MB)

English Rendering of Jayadurge (961KB)

Jayadurge (3.6MB)